Research – Knowledge is Power

So, you have decided to go around the world … what next?

Research, Research, Research!

If you want to make the most of your world trip research is the key.

Research can be defined as the search for Knowledge

This is not about advising you to go out and plan each day of your trip, nor saying the ‘when, where, how and why’ questions require answers – the answers to these questions by many travelers are discovered on the road – this is part of their journey.

When you research you read, discuss and learn about all the wonderful places and experiences you could encounter on your trip – places you only know about because of quality research. You read blogs like this one, flick through guide books (more on this later) and you talk to people about their travels to get advice and ideas from a new perspective.

By researching you do not have to lock anything into a schedule, you do not have to hand over any money for a deposit and you do not have to feel tied down. By researching you do however find new adventures you never know were out there and open up a whole new range of possibilities because knowledge is power – power to make the most of your travels.

You gain an insight to a place or activity that you may have never known about had you not done that little piece of research.

In researching our trip we:

  • Read and followed MANY travel blogs:

Finding a good travel blog is like gold when it comes to finding inspiration and further igniting your passion for travel. When a writer allows you to be part of their journey by using a writing style that appeals to you it can be priceless. We found using other travel blogs as the most valuable resource when planning our trip.

  • Purchased Lonely Plant Guides for the first 2 countries on our itinerary:

Many people say these hard-copy books are no longer required, heavy and a waste of space. I beg to differ. I LOVE my hard copy guides that allow me to flick through the pages, mark the places I want to visit and use as a quick reference time and time again. Yes in this day with e-readers and the like hard-copy books are not for all but I wouldn’t give mine up – having the hard copy in the lead up makes it all feel ‘real’.

  • Talked about our trip with anyone that would listen to get their thoughts, experiences and ideas

When you have something like a world trip planned its all you want to talk about right? Well, you will find it is also what so many others love talking about too! When people find out about our plan to travel the world we are inundated with advice, travel stories, places to go and things to see. Of course, everyone wants their own experience and not all suggestions become part of our travel plans but it is still awesome to hear about the different experiences others have had on the road. We have been given some fantastic advice from people who have been to the places on our RTW itinerary – so get out there and get talking about it.

What are the hidden treasures that you have unearthed by researching a destination?


How we gained the freedom to travel

How we gained the freedom to travel

Ok, so when you tell someone your off to travel the world the discussion at some point comes to finances. When this happens we get a similar response from most:

– You must be rich!

– Did you win the lotto?

But the honest truth is neither of these scenario’s.

4 years ago we decided to take the big step and put our money into property. So, we purchased our first home. We sat on that nest egg for a while and made small improvements. We paid our huge weekly mortgage to keep the banks happy and hoped for the value of our home to improve over time … property is never a sure bet but in this case – it did.

When we purchased our home we couldn’t have imagined selling it to travel the world. But sometimes although you can’t see the big plan at the time – it all comes together and those decisions add up to allow you to do the things you have always only been able to dream about.

Some would say that it was luck, some would say that we had it easy but the reality is that we had bills to pay, mortgage payments, rates and all the other every day living costs just like everyone else. We made these payments week in and week out, some weeks feeling like we were getting nowhere.

But when we finally made the decision to Travel and we decided to put our home on the market it was then that we realised the worth of our hard work.

Selling our home allowed us to be free and pay out any remaining debt. Also giving us enough to top up our travel savings account and cement for us the ability to travel.

Rollercoaster of Emotions before Departure

How do you feel in the lead up to a big event? A race of a lifetime? Your wedding day? The weeks before your RTW Departure date?!

Backpacks, hostels, travel guides, security, medications, vaccinations, blogs, technology, flights, quick-dry materials, sleep sheets, and the unknown.

Welcome to our world!

Above is a list of just a very few of the things that are racing through our minds in the lead-up to our Departure. We are 3 weeks from departing on our world adventure and trying to stay clam, keep the excitement in check and resist the urge that is slowly rising within us to panic which is an hourly (not daily) challenge.

We can not wait for this adventure, this once in a lifetime opportunity but let me just say – what an emotional rollercoaster!

So much to think about, organise and do to make the most of our trip so for some reason the more knowledge you gain and the more organised you are it seems the more reality sets in and you realise what an adventure this is going to be…. it is just a dream anymore.

Yes we are trying to ‘go with the flow’ but there are certain things you need to do and know before you head off for 18 months around the world. We are experiencing what seems to be a crash course in all you need to know but at the same time we still feel so unprepared.

We can not wait for this adventure. The excitement grows by the day but so too does the anticipation, the fear of the unknown and the excitement of what will soon be. Until the day comes when we are finally on the first plane away from home I think this emotional rollercoaster will continue.

Are you ever ‘ready’ to depart for 18 months on the road?

4 Weeks to go and the word of the week is ‘Patience’ – as it’s currently a feeling of the dream being so close yet so far away

It is a time of mixed emotions, excitement, nervousness,  intrigue, anxiousness and overall the feeling of being ‘ready’ but unable to go.

Being so close to having a dream come true can only be a good thing. Keeping things in perspective, doing all we can to ensure our safety on the road and knowing that for us – this is our journey – at this stage it is all we can do.

At the end of each day the excitement grows – I can not imagine what we will be like the day before we fly out!

In the past 3 months we have:

       • Sold our first home 
      • Sold ‘Ruby’ our Jeep Wrangler 
      • Sold all of our furniture 
      • Packed the last of our possessions into boxes 
      • Moved into Mum’s 
      • Booked our flight to Singapore – our starting point on our RTW adventure
      • Purchased Travel Insurance (who know travel insurance was so expensive?! 
      • Got our vaccinations – only 1 more to get! 
      • Organised with the bank the best way to access our finances overseas 
      • Completed hours of research on the places we will be going
      • Completed (surprisingly successfully) a trial pack of our backpacks
    We feel we are ready to go but we still have 5 weeks of work left so for now its about being patient. Until departure we are focusing on time with family. We then will spend a week in Sydney with friends and a week in Melbourne with Duane’s Mum who will arrive from New Zealand to spend some quality time together before we head off.

So for now we wait …… we appreciate the comforts of home, a soft bed, clean water, flushing toilets and understanding the language around us. We appreciate the time with friends and family over the coming weeks. We try not to wish time away … however this is so hard not to do with such an exciting adventure ahead.

Patience – is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way.