Are you ever ‘ready’ to depart for 18 months on the road?

4 Weeks to go and the word of the week is ‘Patience’ – as it’s currently a feeling of the dream being so close yet so far away

It is a time of mixed emotions, excitement, nervousness,  intrigue, anxiousness and overall the feeling of being ‘ready’ but unable to go.

Being so close to having a dream come true can only be a good thing. Keeping things in perspective, doing all we can to ensure our safety on the road and knowing that for us – this is our journey – at this stage it is all we can do.

At the end of each day the excitement grows – I can not imagine what we will be like the day before we fly out!

In the past 3 months we have:

       • Sold our first home 
      • Sold ‘Ruby’ our Jeep Wrangler 
      • Sold all of our furniture 
      • Packed the last of our possessions into boxes 
      • Moved into Mum’s 
      • Booked our flight to Singapore – our starting point on our RTW adventure
      • Purchased Travel Insurance (who know travel insurance was so expensive?! 
      • Got our vaccinations – only 1 more to get! 
      • Organised with the bank the best way to access our finances overseas 
      • Completed hours of research on the places we will be going
      • Completed (surprisingly successfully) a trial pack of our backpacks
    We feel we are ready to go but we still have 5 weeks of work left so for now its about being patient. Until departure we are focusing on time with family. We then will spend a week in Sydney with friends and a week in Melbourne with Duane’s Mum who will arrive from New Zealand to spend some quality time together before we head off.

So for now we wait …… we appreciate the comforts of home, a soft bed, clean water, flushing toilets and understanding the language around us. We appreciate the time with friends and family over the coming weeks. We try not to wish time away … however this is so hard not to do with such an exciting adventure ahead.

Patience – is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way.


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