How we gained the freedom to travel

How we gained the freedom to travel

Ok, so when you tell someone your off to travel the world the discussion at some point comes to finances. When this happens we get a similar response from most:

– You must be rich!

– Did you win the lotto?

But the honest truth is neither of these scenario’s.

4 years ago we decided to take the big step and put our money into property. So, we purchased our first home. We sat on that nest egg for a while and made small improvements. We paid our huge weekly mortgage to keep the banks happy and hoped for the value of our home to improve over time … property is never a sure bet but in this case – it did.

When we purchased our home we couldn’t have imagined selling it to travel the world. But sometimes although you can’t see the big plan at the time – it all comes together and those decisions add up to allow you to do the things you have always only been able to dream about.

Some would say that it was luck, some would say that we had it easy but the reality is that we had bills to pay, mortgage payments, rates and all the other every day living costs just like everyone else. We made these payments week in and week out, some weeks feeling like we were getting nowhere.

But when we finally made the decision to Travel and we decided to put our home on the market it was then that we realised the worth of our hard work.

Selling our home allowed us to be free and pay out any remaining debt. Also giving us enough to top up our travel savings account and cement for us the ability to travel.


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