Rollercoaster of Emotions before Departure

How do you feel in the lead up to a big event? A race of a lifetime? Your wedding day? The weeks before your RTW Departure date?!

Backpacks, hostels, travel guides, security, medications, vaccinations, blogs, technology, flights, quick-dry materials, sleep sheets, and the unknown.

Welcome to our world!

Above is a list of just a very few of the things that are racing through our minds in the lead-up to our Departure. We are 3 weeks from departing on our world adventure and trying to stay clam, keep the excitement in check and resist the urge that is slowly rising within us to panic which is an hourly (not daily) challenge.

We can not wait for this adventure, this once in a lifetime opportunity but let me just say – what an emotional rollercoaster!

So much to think about, organise and do to make the most of our trip so for some reason the more knowledge you gain and the more organised you are it seems the more reality sets in and you realise what an adventure this is going to be…. it is just a dream anymore.

Yes we are trying to ‘go with the flow’ but there are certain things you need to do and know before you head off for 18 months around the world. We are experiencing what seems to be a crash course in all you need to know but at the same time we still feel so unprepared.

We can not wait for this adventure. The excitement grows by the day but so too does the anticipation, the fear of the unknown and the excitement of what will soon be. Until the day comes when we are finally on the first plane away from home I think this emotional rollercoaster will continue.


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