Research – Knowledge is Power

So, you have decided to go around the world … what next?

Research, Research, Research!

If you want to make the most of your world trip research is the key.

Research can be defined as the search for Knowledge

This is not about advising you to go out and plan each day of your trip, nor saying the ‘when, where, how and why’ questions require answers – the answers to these questions by many travelers are discovered on the road – this is part of their journey.

When you research you read, discuss and learn about all the wonderful places and experiences you could encounter on your trip – places you only know about because of quality research. You read blogs like this one, flick through guide books (more on this later) and you talk to people about their travels to get advice and ideas from a new perspective.

By researching you do not have to lock anything into a schedule, you do not have to hand over any money for a deposit and you do not have to feel tied down. By researching you do however find new adventures you never know were out there and open up a whole new range of possibilities because knowledge is power – power to make the most of your travels.

You gain an insight to a place or activity that you may have never known about had you not done that little piece of research.

In researching our trip we:

  • Read and followed MANY travel blogs:

Finding a good travel blog is like gold when it comes to finding inspiration and further igniting your passion for travel. When a writer allows you to be part of their journey by using a writing style that appeals to you it can be priceless. We found using other travel blogs as the most valuable resource when planning our trip.

  • Purchased Lonely Plant Guides for the first 2 countries on our itinerary:

Many people say these hard-copy books are no longer required, heavy and a waste of space. I beg to differ. I LOVE my hard copy guides that allow me to flick through the pages, mark the places I want to visit and use as a quick reference time and time again. Yes in this day with e-readers and the like hard-copy books are not for all but I wouldn’t give mine up – having the hard copy in the lead up makes it all feel ‘real’.

  • Talked about our trip with anyone that would listen to get their thoughts, experiences and ideas

When you have something like a world trip planned its all you want to talk about right? Well, you will find it is also what so many others love talking about too! When people find out about our plan to travel the world we are inundated with advice, travel stories, places to go and things to see. Of course, everyone wants their own experience and not all suggestions become part of our travel plans but it is still awesome to hear about the different experiences others have had on the road. We have been given some fantastic advice from people who have been to the places on our RTW itinerary – so get out there and get talking about it.

What are the hidden treasures that you have unearthed by researching a destination?


One thought on “Research – Knowledge is Power

  1. Good post guys! I think we over-research sometimes. It is also fun just going with the flow and these have been some of our best experiences. Good luck!

    Just a quick note, when you click twitter to tweet this post it comes up with via @wordpressdotcom – you should be able to change this to your own twitter handle somewhere on your dashboard then you get all the credit 🙂

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