About Us

Meet Duane & Kim – AKA – Unlikely Travelers 

Duane & Kim are unlikely travelers. A mid-twenties married couple who were in it for the long haul – owning their own home, they had good jobs too and were ‘set for life’ – until they realised it wasnt what they wanted at all….

So our house went on the market and its entire contents sold. Now we are off to live our dream and travel the world.

The reality is we don’t have vast travel knowledge or experience, we are not exactly what one would call ‘street wise’ and we love the comforts of the lifestyle we have become accustomed to – however the time has come for Duane & Kim to get out there and see the world!

It will be an adventure, a personal challenge and mistakes will be made for sure but we are going to try to laugh when times are tough and share our journey along the way.

2012 is our year – we are ready for our adventure. The ups and downs, the laughter and frustrations and overall the experience of living on the road.

The world is there to be discovered, and uncovered and to open ur eyes – so its time to fill the pack, strap on the boots and hit the road … many adventures, experiences and much learning ahead.

Follow our blog to join us on our journey and watch us become the travelers we never thought we would be.


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